Parent Teacher Conferences

Ursuline High School will host Parent – Teacher Conferences on Thursday, November 5 from 3:20-5:20p.m. and 6:00-8:30p.m via Zoom Meetings. Conferences are scheduled in ten minute increments. This year, parents will be asked to sign up for a conference in advance of the conference date. Parents are asked to sign up for conferences by Tuesday, November 3 at 12:00p.m. Conferences may be accessed from the Zoom Classroom launch page –  Once you’ve arrived at the page, please click on the teacher’s name to access the conference.  You will be admitted to the meeting at the time of the scheduled conference.  If you believe you will need longer than a ten minute conference, please contact the teacher to make alternate arrangements.

As always, all teachers and administrators will be available for conference. If you are in need of alternate arrangements, please contact the teacher to make arrangements.

Mrs. Campbell

Mrs. Carosella

Miss Clark

Mrs. Damore

Mrs. DePizzo

Mr. DeSantis

Mrs. Devlin

Mrs. Dugan

Mr. Fouse

Mr. Hartranft

Mr. Hungerford

Mrs. Jacobs

Mr. Jaminet

Mrs. Jesse

Mrs. Kakavros

Mrs. Klucinec

Mrs. Lacko

Miss McVicker

Mrs. Morrison

Mrs. C. Montaldo

Mrs. P. Montaldo

Mr. Nalepa

Mr. Palermo

Mrs. Pasquale

Mr. Peplowski

Mrs. Perse

Mrs. Preston

Miss Raab

Mr. Reardon

Mr. Sammartino

Mr. Sauline

Mrs. Scudier

Miss Sheffler

Miss Timmins

Mr. Uerling

Mrs. Williams

Dr. Wakefield