Nicaragua Mission Trip - Ursuline High School

On April 2, 2018 representatives from Ursuline High School traveled to Grenada, Nicraragua to complete mission work.  The group worked with International Samaritan in the garbage dump community outside of Grenada, Nicaragua.  11 students, as well as six adult chaperones, spent the week in Nicaragua completing a building project at a house for a single mother, painting and cementing a new house, and visiting with local families to learn about their culture and lives. On the last day of the trip, the Ursuline students were exposed to many of the cultural destinations in Nicaragua.  Students spent time at the Masaya Market, Lake Nicaragua, and celebrated Mass at the oldest cathedral in Grenada.  Students of Stewardship (SOS) take a mission trip biennially and have travelled to Mexico, Appalachia, Florida, and El Salvador in previous years.  SOS would like to thank all members of the Ursuline Family who supported the trip with their monetary contributions and prayers.  Check out photos from the trip at this link – 

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