Merici Med at Mercy Health - Ursuline High School

Senior members of Merici Med were invited to attend three days of training in St. Elizabeth’s SimLab where they train hospital staff on a variety of different procedures. During the first two days of training they learned how to do CPR on adults, children and infants as well as how to take a person’s blood pressure, and administer first aid for a variety of different situations. They were also shown how to intubate a patient who needs help breathing. One of the ways the students learned these skills was on the SimLab’s interactive mechanical patient which mimics a person’s blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, sounds, eye movements, and even stroke symptoms such as facial
On the third day of training, students received disaster training and learned how communities are trained in Incident Command procedures for emergency situations such as tornadoes, earthquakes, attacks, and other large scale mass casualty incidents. Students role played two disaster scenarios and even raised an emergency command center tent to utilize during the activity.

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