Advanced Placement (AP) Excellence - Ursuline High School

Ursuline High School is proud to announce the 2019 Advanced Placement results for the May 2019 test administration.  Ursuline High School students earned a pass rate of 85%.  The state average pass rate is a 61%.  25% of the graduating class received college credit through these test results.  Ursuline is also proud to recognize 16 students who earned the distinction of AP Scholars.  These students had excellent scores on multiple exams.   Highlights of the testing include; 100% pass rates in Chemistry and US History, 93% pass rate in Psychology, 92% pass rate in English Literature, 89% pass rate in Biology and US Government and Politics and an 88% pass rate in Calculus.   For more information on our top-rate Honors and Advanced Placement programs, please visit this link.

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