"The Irish Experience" ~ Shadow Day Program - Ursuline High School

Prospective students are encouraged to set up a Shadow Day at Ursuline.  Spending a typical school day will allow a prospective student to have a clear picture of what a school day at Ursuline offers the students.  It is a great chance to begin to get to know the Ursuline Faculty, Staff and students.  Shadow Days may be scheduled most days before May 1 and must be set up in advance.  Students are paired based on academic and extracurricular interests.

The 8th Grade Placement Test will be given Saturday, May 19 at 8:30am in the Ursuline Cafeteria.  All prospective students must take the test.  Students that are currently enrolled in an elementary school in The Diocese of Youngstown will take the test at their respective school.  Students may dress comfortably and are asked to bring sharpened, number 2 pencils and water.

To register for any of the above events or to receive more information, please contact Maggie Matune, Assistant Principal, at 330-744-4563 or mmatune@youngstowndiocese.org.

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