Merici Med Program - Ursuline High School

Recently some of our Merici Med seniors were given the opportunity to participate in CPR, AED, First Aid, and Disaster training at Mercy Health’s St. Elizabeth location in their Simulation Lab.

Students were taught CPR (for adults, infants, and babies), how to use an AED, and first aid (including wound dressing, use of tourniquets, and boarding and collaring an individual to protect their head, back, and neck). Additionally, students were taught how to take a patient’s blood pressure and listen for breath sounds using the simulation lab.

Students were also able to observe and examine pig organs used for training.
On our last day of the training experience, students participated in a disaster drill, much like those used to train first responders and hospital staff members. They took turns assuming the roles of various individuals who would play an active role in controlling a disaster scenario. Roles included Incident Commander, Safety Officer, Public Information Officer, Logistics Section Chief, Liaison Officer, Finance Section Chief, Planning Section Chief, and Operations Section Chief.

Thank you to Mr. Michael Kerr, Mrs. Amy Herman, and Mr. Roman Swerdan for providing our Merici Med seniors with this valuable training experience.

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