Advanced Placement Excellence - Ursuline High School

Ursuline High School has a long-standing tradition of academic excellence and is proud to announce 100% pass rates on the Advanced Placement (AP) 2D Art, Chemistry, English Literature, Psychology, Research, and Seminar Exams taken in May 2023.  Ursuline’s overall pass rate on all Advanced Placement tests taken is 84%.

Ursuline’s pass rate of 84% far exceeds the global pass rate of 61%.  Ursuline High School offers 20 AP courses taught at Ursuline, 8 AP courses online & College Credit Plus courses.

Furthermore, 22 students were named Advanced Placement Scholars.  Joseph Criscione (’22) and Allison Riddle (’22) earned the prestigious AP Capstone Diploma.  To receive the AP Capstone Diploma, a student must earn a score of 3 or higher in both AP Research and AP Seminar, and on 4 additional AP exams of their choosing.  30% of the Ursuline Class of 2023 earned a passing score on at least one exam.

AP Scholars with Distinction:  Ethan Macabobby, James McGlone, Olivia Puhalla, Armaan Sheik, Andrew Stoneman, Aidan Tomhave

AP Scholars with Honor:  Marissa Clegg, Thomas Hull, Noah Lytle, Reagan Smith

AP Scholars & AP Seminar and Research Certificate:  Mackenzie Kelly, Casey Peart

AP Scholars with Distinction and AP Capstone Diploma:  Joseph Criscione, Allison Riddle

AP Scholars:  Joselyn Bishara, Jon Chahine, Aidan Evans, Casey Leugers, Graciella Pesa, Gino Pilolli, Luca Ricchiuti

AP Scholars with Honors & AP Seminar and Research Certificate:  Francisca Gatica

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