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The Ursuline Athletic Booster Club exists to help make 18 separate sports, as well as the cheerleading squad, available to Ursuline High School students. Monies raised by the Athletic Booster Club help to defray the cost of insurance, transportation, training aids, uniforms, equipment, coach’s clinics, athlete’s meals and snacks, facility improvements, and various special needs that arise throughout the school year.

Each year, the Athletic Booster Club contributes over $25,000 to support Ursuline High School athletics and its athletes. This is accomplished through Athletic Booster Club memberships, designated financial gifts to teams, groups, or projects, sports program advertising and banner sales. Please join us in supporting all of our athletes, coaches, and athletic programs at Ursuline High School by becoming an Athletic Booster today!

Ursuline Athletic Booster Club Trustees

Jimmy Winterburn ’05, President –
Jessica McKenna ’99, Vice-President
Matt Sammartino, Principal

Drew Barkett
Eric DelColle ’79
Bob Kinsley ’75
Kevin McGuire ’76
Breen McNally ’99
John Rudy ’00
Jeffrey Ryznar ’98
Marc Silverman
Renee Ungaro ’95

The 2022 Booster Club College Basketball Block Pool is now available.

If you’ve never done this type of pool before, here is how it works:

Names will be randomly populated into a 10×10 grid with numbers randomly generated and assigned to squares once it is filled.  Grids will be emailed to all participants. These numbers are locked in for the remainder of the tournament and will YOUR numbers for every game of the tournament (excluding the 4 play in games).

Winners of each game are based upon the last digit in the final score of the game (including any overtime periods) matching the numbers you have. WINNING TEAM SCORE will be the numbers across the top of the Squares grid. LOSING TEAM SCORE will be the numbers down the side of the Squares grid. If your numbers match the final digits of the winning team’s score and the losing team’s score, respectively…YOU WIN!

Each Round’s Payout is as follows:

  • Round 1  (32 total games): $50
  • Round 2  (16 games): $100
  • Sweet 16  (8 games): $150
  • Elite 8 (4 games): $200
  • Final Four (2 games): $350
  • Championship (1 game): $500

Proceeds from the pool directly go to support Ursuline student-athletes, coaches and teams. Payouts will take place via check from Ursuline High School at the conclusion of the Championship game. Final grid with numbers will be emailed to participants.

Please get your blocks today to support our Fighting Irish. Thank you, good luck and, as always, GO IRISH!

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