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Nothing from 24 Sep 2022 to 28 Sep 2022.

Ursuline students not only learn Catholic values, they live them.

Spiritual Life at Ursuline High School
Ursuline High School is called to a mission that is grounded in the love of Christ and the faith of the Catholic Church. In the Ursuline tradition, Ursuline invites students and families from diverse faith, racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds into a community of teachers and learners, of faith and faith-in-action.

As a faith-centered educational community, we nurture each student’s growth in mind, body and spirit. Our intellectually, socially and spiritually stimulating environment encourages students to adopt a way of life that embraces service and challenges them to pursue with equal vigor the goals of academic excellence and faithfulness to Christ.

Our students are given not just the knowledge and skills they will need to prosper in tomorrow’s world, but also the faith and virtues that can make them women and men of outstanding character.

Why Ursuline?

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8th Grader Shadow Days

What is a shadow day at Ursuline High School?

Typically, a shadow day is an opportunity for eighth grade students to spend the day at Ursuline and experience firsthand what it’s like to be a member of the Ursuline family.  Students that shadow are paired with an Ursuline student, usually a freshman, for the day to attend classes, go to lunch and get a true feel for student life at Ursuline.


When should I schedule a shadow day?

Eighth grade students can schedule their Shadow Days most days from December 1, 2022 through April 28, 2023.  Shadow Days can be scheduled by calling 330-744-4563 or by emailing mdamore@youngstowndiocese.org.  Shadow Days will begin to be scheduled on November 14, 2022.


How many students can schedule on a single day?

Ursuline reserves the right to decide on the number of students who shadow at Ursuline on a particular day; however, normally no more than 4 students will be scheduled to shadow on a single day.


How far in advance should I schedule a shadow day?

Please allow the staff three school days to schedule a visit.


Is a shadow day a full day or a half-day?

We recommend that students shadow for the entire day to fully experience life at Ursuline, however half days can be arranged at the request of a family.

How do I schedule a shadow day?

Those interested in shadowing should email mdamore@youngstowndicoese.org or call Ursuline at 330-744-4563.


What is a shadow day like?

Typically students shadowing should arrive at Ursuline at 7:50 a.m. and report to the Main Office (2nd floor). There the students will be paired with their Ursuline host for the day. The school day ends at 2:30 p.m. and the shadowing students will be dismissed at 2:20 p.m at the Bryson Street entrance. Ursuline provides lunch, although a student may bring his/her own lunch.


What is the dress code for a shadow day?

Students shadowing at Ursuline may dress casually.  Ursuline asks that students do not wear ripped pants, sweatpants, leggings, or yoga pants.  Athletic wear is not appropriate for a Shadow Day.  While the shadowing students are not required to wear their current school uniform or the Ursuline uniform they are asked to dress appropriately.


Can I shadow with an Ursuline student that I know?

Yes, if a student knows a current Ursuline student they would like to shadow, parents are asked to make that request known when they schedule the shadowing visit. If shadowing students do not know any current Ursuline students, the shadowing student will be paired with an Ursuline student based on interests in academics, extra-curricular activities, etc.

Admissions Contact

Maggie Damore
Assistant Principal
Ursuline High School
750 Wick Avenue
Youngstown, OH 44505
Phone: (330) 744-4563
Fax: (330) 744-3358


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Tuition and Aid

Ursuline recognizes the sacrifice made by the families of Ursuline High School. In addition to our financial aid program, we offer parents several tuition payment options:

Ursuline recognizes the sacrifice made by the families of Ursuline High School. In addition to our financial aid program, we offer parents several tuition payment options. If your family has a plan that is not listed, please do not hesitate to call Ursuline High School to propose alternate arrangements.

OPTION ONE: Full payment to Ursuline High School or a tuition loan through the Diocese of Youngstown Credit Union (DOY).

Parents who choose to pay the tuition in full on or before the opening day of school or arrange a tuition loan through DOY, will avoid the $300 Processing Fee. In addition, if the tuition is paid in full or your loan papers through DOY are completed by July 10, 2020, you will receive an “Early Bird” discount of $100.

OPTION TWO: The semester (2 month) payment plan.

Parents, who choose the semester payment plan, will make two equal payments directly to the school. The first payment will be due in August, and the second payment will be due in January. A $150 Processing Fee will be added to the total tuition due if parents choose this option.

OPTION THREE: 11 Monthly or 4 Quarterly payments

For parents who choose this option, a $300 Processing Fee is added to the total tuition due.  The 4 quarterly payments will be due in August, November, February, and May.  The 11 monthly payments will be due each month beginning in August and ending in June.  All payments may be made on either the 1st or the 15th of the month.  Payments may be made directly to Ursuline High School, through the mail, through an automatic quarterly or monthly deduction from your checking or savings account, or a monthly or quarterly payment via your debit or credit card.  More information about FACTS, the tuition management system, can be obtained by calling the Bookkeeper’s Office at 330-744-4563.


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Contact Us

Ursuline High School is conveniently located in the city’s cultural and educational center. Located adjacent to the YSU campus on Wick Avenue with immediate access to I-680, Ursuline is close to any Mahoning Valley community.

Easy access from Interstate 680 makes driving a popular option for many Ursuline families. Many arrange carpools with other students from their neighborhood. The State of Ohio reimburses parents who drive their students when bussing is not available through a student’s local school district.  Several school districts provide bussing to Ursuline.  Please contact the school for information about your specific district.


Directions To Ursuline High School

750 Wick Ave.
Youngstown, Ohio 44505


  1. Student Lot (Wick Avenue)
  2. Main Entrance / Visitor Lot (Bryson Street)
  3. Student Lot (Bryson Street, behind convent)

Please fill out and submit the following form with questions you may have, or to leave comments.  Applications for admission and/or financial aid may be requested in the comment section.

Admissions Contact

Maggie (Matune) Damore
Assistant Principal
Ursuline High School
750 Wick Avenue
Youngstown, OH 44505
Phone: (330) 744-4563
Fax: (330) 744-3358



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