Guidance Services – College Counseling

The College Counselor at Ursuline High School works closely with each and every student and his/her parents throughout the college admission process.  The Guidance Services Department assists with college research, applications, essays, major and career exploration.  Our counselors also give advisement in the area of the college financial aid process and helps students apply for a variety of scholarship awards.  Just as every student is an individual, we help each student decide where he/she will be academically challenged, comfortable, and successful.


Programming Includes…
  • individual consultation with students for academic/personal support
  • assistance for students when exploring career options
  • scheduling college representatives to visit the Ursuline campus
  • extensive assistance for students during the college admissions process with an emphasis on helping students select the college best suited to his/her career choice
  • presentations for parents regarding the college admissions process and financial aid
  • coordination of college scholarship and financial aid opportunities
  • assistance for students in determining yearly high school schedules to meet college prerequisites
  • administration of standardized test program
  • coordination of ACT/SAT prep classes and test registration
  • recognition of students for local and national awards


College Representative Visits

Juniors and seniors are encouraged to meet with representatives if they have interest in that particular college. Juniors are allowed two visits per school year, while seniors are allowed four. To meet with an admission representative, students must have a class excusal form signed by the teacher of the class they will be missing. Class excusal forms can be picked up from Mrs. Kakavros in the Guidance Office. For all visits, parents/guardians are also welcome to attend.

Coming Soon for the 2020-2021 School Year!

School Visit Date Visit Time Visit Location


John Baylor Prep –

All juniors and seniors are equipped with log-in information to use on John Baylor Prep’s new website – OnToCollege. While John Baylor Prep is being incorporated into the classroom to help students improve their ACT scores, it can also be used at home. John Baylor Prep provides print-outs, videos, and online practice exams to help students reach their full potential on their next ACT.

Student Username: first initial, last name

Student Password: See Mrs. Kakavros


The PSAT will be offered on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 during periods 1-4 for interested sophomores and juniors. The price to register is $17. To sign up for the PSAT please give an envelope enclosed with the registration fee to Mrs. Kakavros.


ACT Test Dates 2020-2021

Test Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline
Coming Soon!

Practice booklets and other test taking resources are available in the Guidance Office.  If you believe you are eligible for a fee waiver (free/reduced lunch student) please see Mrs. Kakavros for a form


College Counseling Web Resources for Students & Parents

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About The Guidance Department

The Ursuline High School Guidance Department provides a variety of pupil personnel services. The responsibility of the counselors is to provide guidance and counseling services to assist students in their personal, academic, career and college choices. All of the members of the department are professionally trained educators.

All counselors meet with every assigned student to assess the student’s personal development and offer their assistance. They monitor progress reports and failures. They see students at the request of teachers, parents, or students themselves. Professional guidelines of confidentiality are maintained in student-counselor contacts.

Beginning in the freshmen year, guidance counselors begin to work with all students concerning academic scheduling, progress, and future planning. The freshman/sophomore guidance counselor is Mrs. Korie Jesse. At the conclusion of the sophomore year, students are transitioned to the junior/senior counselor, Mrs. Anne Kakavros.

Beginning in the junior year and continuing throughout the senior year, counselors work closely with students on issues of college investigation, selection, and application. College news and scholarship bulletins are regularly published throughout the year. Mrs. Kakavros also provides career guidance by assisting students through the use of evaluation instruments and instruction in the availability and use of textual and computerized career resources.

Guidance Department Contact Information

Freshman / Sophomore Counselor – Mrs. Korie Jesse (330-744-4563 /

Junior / Senior Counselor – Mrs. Anne Kakavros (330-744-4563 /